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The Neighborhood Kids series is a collection of stories written in dedication to the amazingly bright and promising kids in Alachua, FL.  Young readers will be encouraged and empowered as they join twins Taj and Tiarra through fun adventures and valuable life lessons. Their playful rhymes are fun to read while giving kids practice with sight words. These inspiring stories can be used to create conversations that build positive self-images, a strong sense of pride and ambitious visions for the future.

No other reading gives purpose and identity like the reading we do as children. By giving our children the right motivating tools to help them expand early imaginations, we allow them to unlock their full powerful potential. Although the stories are set with a small-town backdrop, Taj and Tiarra want kids to know that the size of your town does not determine the size your possibilities.

The wait is over. The Neighborhood Kids series is sure to change the outlook of many young people, not just the kids of Alachua, FL, but any child that reads these books. 

Jasmin Robinson- Mother of three and Alachua County resident 




This book not only celebrates education but it also reminds us of the importance of community. It's so refreshing to have books where kids can see characters that look like them.

Antonya English- Professional Editor 


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