Stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings with Taj, Tiarra and all the friends of The Neighborhood Kids.

January 20th - 

City of Alachua -MLK Program 


As part of an honored tradition, the City of Alachua will be hosting it's annual MLK Day Celebration. Two of our Neighborhood Kids will be there to do a reading. Please come out and enjoy the festivities. 

March 8th-


Art Speaks 2020 

ALACHUA COUNTY and Surrounding Area High School Students Are Encouraged To Participate.
To Sign Up For This Years Event
CONTACT ARTSPEAKS: Courageous Young Voices @ E Stanley Richardson/Facebook 

ARTSPEAKS Courageous Young Voices

March 13th -

Career Day - Irby Elementry, Alachua FL 

Author of the Neighborhood Kids Series, Tabitha Jenkins, will be visiting the kids of Irby Elementry, featured in the book. We're so excited!