The Invitation

In the spirit of community and celebration of Black History Month, The Neighborhood Kids will be hosting a fun writing experience for local students. We would love to hear what’s on your minds and what’s in your hearts. This year’s theme is “Letters with Meaning.” We feel that conversation is the gateway to effective communication and that communication is the beginning of all change. We desire that our kids learn and appreciate our history while being encouraged to change the world they will inherit.


This writing experience will be for students in Alachua County in grades K-12. There will be multiple prizes for many of our writers, so we’re encouraging you to participate no matter your skill or ability. We also just think that writing is fun. LOL!  Seriously, we’d really like to hear what you have to say. 


Here’s what to write

Prompt for grades K-2nd - Think of a person in your community that you see doing good for others. Please write a letter to this person, thank them for their service and let them know how they inspire you. 

Submissions can be 30-100 words. Students can also submit a drawing with a description to participate. 

Top Reward = $25 


Prompt for grades 3rd-5th- Think of something you’d like to see changed in your community. Suppose it were up to you, and you were in charge. Write a letter to your community and tell what changes you’d make and why?

Submission can be 100+ words. 

Top Reward = $50   


Prompt for Middle and High School. Choose one

  1. Write a letter to the incoming U.S. President Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris. Tell them what you’d like to see done in the first four years of their administration. What changes are essential to you and why? 

  2. Think of an influential African American person. Now consider someone in your community that embodies the characteristics of the African American person you choose. Please write a letter to the person in your community and tell them whom they remind you of and why. Let them know if they inspire you or help you to be better.

Submissions can be 150+ .words 

Top Reward = $100 for a middle schooler 

                 = $100 for a high schooler 


Submissions: Please send your submissions to Include:1) Your Name. 2) Your Grade 3) Name of your school 4) Your Email address.

If you are submitting a picture for the K-2 prompt or submitting a handwritten letter, you may take a picture or scan your work and email it in. Due Feb 28th, 2021.

 The Neighborhood Kids Black History Month Writing Experience Rules
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If you would like more information or are interested in sponsoring this writing group, please contact Tabitha Jenkins at